Gain freedom and choice by seamlessly integrating with best-of-breed and best-fit HR Solutions appropriately tailored to your business needs

It’s commonly accepted that no one technology vendor does everything amazingly well across the entire recruitment lifecycle. However the SnapHire Marketplace delivers a single unifying platform where all the technologies can play - in complete harmony.

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A single vendor often doesn't have every solution.
That's why you can build your own with the SnapHire Marketplace.

SnapHire ATS is just one of many essential tools in your HR tech stack. It’s about time that all of those tools talked to each other much more efficiently and cost effectively. Eliminate the back and forth, the manual data entry, and the inefficient processes. From sourcing to offer generation, from onboarding to off-boarding we’re excited to share with you an entirely new way for everyone to work, creating an HR stack that provides a world-class experience for your hiring teams and candidates.