Referoo is designed to generate fast and secure reference checks any business, of any size.
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About Referoo

Referoo is designed to make it easier for you to generate fast and secure reference checks. Our suite of tools works for any business, of any size.

Referoo provides the option of collecting your references via SMS, email, or phone, so you can choose how to contact the referee. Our subscription model makes us the most cost-effective tool in the market.

Our reference check technology is not only the fastest, but also the most secure. Referoo employs a range of tools designed to stop fraudulent references, ensuring your references are legitimate. 

Referoo is

  • Fast: Sending a reference check takes 30 seconds – it’s that easy! Our dashboard allows you to see progress on your references in real time.
  • Customisable: We adjust the solution to fit your needs.
  • Secure: Our Australian servers are SSL secured for privacy and security. Our fraud detection system identifies suspicious references.
  • Easy-to-use: Designed to be intuitive, our solution can be used on any device without complex training.
  • Flexible: Our tool allows you to automate any parts of the process.
  • Cost-effective: Our subscription pricing is great value for money.

We’ve seen how Referoo’s online reference checking solution helps our clients deliver a better, faster, and more accurate reference check and we want you to see it too!

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Leading fraud detection

Referoo’s class leading technology ensures that you have legitimate references. Our IP matching technology spots fraudulent references and flags them immediately for your attention. 

For clients requiring a higher level of protection, Referoo utilises Australia Post’s Digital ID technology, which allows our users to check the identification of referees against Australian ID documentation such as passports, drivers’ licences, and Medicare cards to confirm their identity.

Referoo offers all SnapHire clients a 14-day free trial –

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Communications sequence

The Referoo Communication Sequence shows your settings for all outgoing communications to both your candidates and referees.

Each step is customisable on a default level, but you can still change the settings on each individual candidate too!

Referoo questionnaire

The Referoo questionnaire builder allows you to create specific questions for each role, using our Referoo template or customise the questionnaire to your company’s needs!

Referoo candidate table

The Referoo Candidate Table allows you to have a quick overview update on each candidate’s reference status. With the easy-colour coded legend, this table makes tracking your candidate’s progress a stress-free process.