To free up your time and streamline your recruitment.

Elevating your entire brand by giving your team, hiring managers and candidates the ultimate recruitment experience - all without breaking the bank. 
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Who are we

We’re a specially selected blend of highly talented recruiters from all over the map (including our very own backyard; Aotearoa). Our team represents leading edge recruitment technology and creative human capability. Combine this with being natural SnapHire experts and a genuinely down to earth bunch of people - and the results are unbeatable.

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What We Do

We know that every organisation is unique and your recruitment solution should be as well. Flexibility to meet your needs is key and the ‘one size fits all’ approach is outdated. From end to end recruitment, to any parts of the process in between - you just tell us what you need and we’ll take care of the rest.

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What Makes Us Different

We’re already SnapHire experts

This means no training required. If anything, we’re able to pass on our extensive knowledge to other people, so they can also become capable SnapHire users. Which also means less time and cost, as we can hit the ground running to get on with the actual work required, and so can the rest of your team.

Cost effective

As a natural extension of your team, we'll produce quality recruitment outcomes for far less cost than other traditional models. One simple hourly pay rate encompasses all recruitment activities and tasks. No hidden costs and no complicated breakdowns, just full transparency is what you'll get.

Experienced & VeRsatile recruiters

Having partnered with over 30 clients, and with over 30 years of collective recruitment experience - our team has recruited within every major industry and partnered with organisations of all sizes. We've seen and done it all. We're able to mix traditional methods with modern and exciting insights, to bring you results that are above and beyond expectations.

360° approach

Our team not only takes care of day to day recruitment, but we also offer a high level comprehensive approach to identify, discuss and implement any improvements. We'll apply this to your processes, templates and functionality to upgrade your entire recruitment cycle, which will automatically create a better experience for everyone involved.

Effective communication

Our clients are based near and far. And no matter the distance, we’ve successfully attended occasions from running assessment centres, staff training sessions, helping with new employee inductions, as well as many social events at our clients’ requests. All while growing and nurturing that tight knit connection in our day to day work. We’re only ever a virtual forum, phone call, text or email away for a hui.

Talent community experts

There is a big emphasis on talent community management with the current skill shortages. We're very proficient in creating roles to attract very large volumes of applications, to find and encourage high calibre candidates to register, and to use the latest technology to engage and sustain interest. We also specialise in Pipeline™ roles, uniquely created by our company for proactive recruitment strategies, exclusive to our clients.

Diverse & culturally capable

With well over a dozen nationalities and with the ability to communicate in over a dozen different languages; our resourceful team has you covered. We enjoy immersing ourselves and experiencing different cultures through the people that surround us. We strongly believe in inclusivity and celebrating every person and organisations' unique identity.

Not just snaphire experts

Whether you use SnapHire, a different ATS, or none at all, our team of recruitment professionals can manage your hiring needs using any tools available. We've proven this time and again with different clients by applying our vast recruitment knowledge to adapt to their current process, or when necessary, create their entire new process. Either way, we'll always achieve success.