About Us

From the creators of the award winning Applicant Tracking System SnapHire, comes the ultimate combination of recruitment innovation and human capability - SnapHire Recruit.

Our company, Aotal Limited, created a top-tier ATS trusted by thousands of professionals worldwide for all their recruitment needs. But that's not all, to maximise the full potential of SnapHire, SnapHire Recruit was introduced; a highly capable team of recruiters that will ensure beyond successful results, each and every time.

Now we're here to help you on your own unique and successful recruitment journey.

Our recruitment knowledge is your recruitment success

Our Experience

Established in 2000, our SnapHire Recruit team has enjoyed working with clients from every major industry and with organisations of all sizes. From government sectors, telecommunication, housing, law, health, insurance, retail, hospitality, entertainment, transport and many more.
Our experience:
Meet your SnapHire Recruit Team Leads

Our Team

On top of being SnapHire experts, we each bring with us our own diverse skillsets, capabilities and in-depth knowledge to help you reach all of your recruitment targets.

And here to facilitate achieving your goals are your SnapHire Recruit Team Leads:


With a constantly fresh and positive outlook, Nora has always believed in going above and beyond for our SnapHire clients.

‘Get the job done, come rain or shine’ is recognised as one of her hallmarks. But on top of that, also being able to identify ways to streamline recruitment and being able to add value in areas that clients never realised. Having worked in the industry for over eleven years, Nora had this to say:

“Having this type of mindset in our team is only one of the reasons why it sets us apart. We don’t only meet our clients expectations, we always want to amaze them by going that extra step further as a bonus. That’s what I love about our team and working with Aotal. We’re caring, efficient and creative, with our leading edge SnapHire expertise to back us up. We also have a lot of fun along the way. I think our team could take up comedy if they ever decided on a career change.”


Born and raised in Auckland, Mon has a strong ability to relate to people from all walks of life. He’s able to tap into what clients want and always ensures success in all recruitment endeavours.

He’s demonstrated this time and again with our varied clients. Mon is a genuine people person, which has led to candidates going out of their way and praising him to our clients as, "having such a lovely manner," "being very warm and sincere," "super helpful" and "kind and patient."

When asked, Mon mentioned this:

“Working within the SnapHire Recruit team has been rewarding, as I have grown my experience across numerous organisations whilst adapting to their recruitment processes and understanding their organisational values. To add value and make a difference is what motivates me. My passion comes from meeting new people and getting to know them whether they are a client or a candidate. Aotal has been great for my career as we provide a balance of having a market leading ATS and people that have a genuine passion for recruitment.”

We have a talent pool of hand selected, very capable team members, ready to step in and take care of any of your recruitment needs.
And with a rapidly growing team, we're mindful and proud to celebrate who we are and where we come from. We believe that sharing our unique capabilities and upholding a mindset of inclusivity is the right way forward, to be better and to recruit better

Equal employment opportunities (EEO) and how we uphold Te Tiriti O Waitangi

He aha te mea nui o te Ao? He tāngata, He tāngata, He tāngata!
What is most important in this world?  It is people, it is people, it is people!

What do we think is the greatest asset of any organisation?

Its people.

And with the world quickly changing around us, you need the right recruitment team to help you find growth and success in finding the right people for you.

What makes SnapHire Recruit right for you?

For starters, we embody the values of partnership, participation and protection.

By getting involved and working together with our clients, we encourage engagement with communities in our recruitment strategies. Which leads to improving labour market outcomes, with the aim to close gaps in participation. And all through boosting cultural capability throughout the entire cycle. 

One example of how we do this is during a job brief with hiring managers we discuss strategic focuses such as; delivering for and with Māori, Iwi and Hapu, having more representation of the communities, have more Māori people working in high Māori populated communities, identifying candidates who are willing to learn about Te Ao Māori, basic tikanga and Te Reo.

We celebrate and protect peoples' abilities, languages, identities, and talents of every individual. Through actively seeking to understand and immersing ourselves in varied cultures and respecting diverse views, we demonstrate this throughout the entire client project, recruitment cycle, within huis and day to day communication. These are some ways that SnapHire Recruit creates more awareness with our clients and others surrounding us to continue to develop EEO and what the Te Tiriti o Waitangi represents.

We maintain the outlook of being forward thinking and inclusive to uphold Aotearoa’s unique identity.

As we believe that people are motivated when they feel accepted in their identity and when they create positive relationships.