"We have used SnapHire Recruit for many reasons for a few years now, such as trying to find an experienced recruiter to cover short term leave, overflow of recruitment, Xmas Recruitment, and last minute temporary resources.

The team are really nice to deal with, skilled, professional, experts on using SnapHire, quick to learn, efficient, can hit the ground running, client focused and our stores always enjoy dealing with them. They have fast turnaround times, kept up with our recruitment process and guidelines and filled our gaps.

The main reason I would recommend SnapHire Recruit is because they really understand how to work with high volume recruitment. I was surprised how quickly the team was able to pick up any recruitment portfolio given and run with it. Very little training was required and they were very knowledgeable on SnapHire which made a huge difference."

Previous Recruitment Manager

"Our goal in utilising the SnapHire Recruit team was to help in supporting the business while new staff got up to speed and assisting new staff to learn the SnapHire system.

What stood out to us was the knowledge the team had of the SnapHire ATS, a guarantee of the team being trained so we would always have a resource available, e.g if a contractor is sick we have no resource, but when one of the SnapHire team who had been supporting us was unavailable, another stepped in. It was seamless.

We were able to achieve continued support for our hiring managers and RATA (Recruitment andTalent Acquisition) team. They are experts in the SnapHire system and could offer suggestions of improvement.

We have more than one reason for why we would recommend the SnapHire Recruit team: experts in the system, great team players, excellent customer service and engagement, reasonable rates, willingness to learn about our business and what we are trying to achieve, continuous improvement mindset, fit right in with our team.

What surprised us the most about the SnapHire Recruit service was how easy it was to get set up.

For anyone considering using the SnapHire Recruit team, try it and you won’t be disappointed. There isn’t just one word where I would describe the SnapHire Recruit team, so here’s a few: “Manaakitanga” support, care, respect, lifting one another up. “Kotahitanga or Mahi-tahi” one team, a collective, working together, towards the same goal."

Senior Manager Recruitment &Talent Acquisition

"In early 2022, with Omicron spreading through the country fast, Summerset’s priority was to ensure the safety of our residents and staff. Having a stable workforce was crucial for this. With infected staff isolating, the remaining team had to work extra hard to continue to provide our high level of resident care. Additional staff needed to be hired fast to relieve the strain. The SnapHire Recruit team was able to help.

Once requirements were agreed, the team put in place a plan and resources to meet our needs. As the SnapHire Recruit team are familiar with the (SnapHire) system, they were able to harness the database to identify candidates that were of interest to Summerset.

The team screened potential candidates and shortlisted candidates to progress to hire that met the criteria. Once approved, the team organised reference checks and other pre-employment requirements making the offer process easy and seamless, while providing a great candidate experience.

The SnapHire Recruit team facilitated a good handover at the end of the week-long project and worked as an extension to our recruitment team. We would highly recommend their services to any employer looking for additional recruitment assistance."

Previous Recruitment Manager

"We met with Aotal some months ago to re-think our current recruitment model – they listened, asked us great questions and offered great and immediate suggestions for us to do things differently.

We were immediately impressed by their energy and enthusiasm for the engagement, and their clear articulation of the expertise and ‘point of difference’ they could bring to the engagement. They got the job! Several months later, we’re now working closely with the Aotal team and together we’re producing great results. We’ve created a ‘site’ dedicated to our recruitment – it's easily searched and navigated. We’ve employed various types of media to advertise our presence, we’ve reviewed what’s working and what’s not, and changed our approach to drive further applicant awareness.

We’ve streamlined the application process – optimising it for mobile phone users and simplifying the information applicants need to give us. Assessment processes have also been rationalised and streamlined – this has cut the time it takes to assess candidates by up to 50% ... and we’ve removed as much paper as possible from the recruitment process!

It’s been great to have a team dedicated and committed to helping us realise our recruitment results. The team have worked hard, they have produced great results – on time - and it’s been a great experience, not only for NZ Bus but our new candidates. Together we’ve managed to
recruit significant numbers of bus operators, in a very short period of time, and ensure our candidate care levels throughout the process are better than they’ve ever been. Our thanks to Nora, Monish and James."

Previous NZ Bus Project Manager

"We use the SnapHire Recruit service because we need assistance with a high recruitment workload within our internal team.

They do a quick acknowledgement of the work and complete when possible - Judith & James are delight to work with. Since using SnapHire Recruit we have been able to balance the urgent tasks for managers such as reference checks and to get offers out to candidates in a timely manner. The team also help us to increase our touch point with candidates when we are stretched for time, especially with phone interviews.

We would recommend their service to anyone who wants to have a reliable company helping, who knows how to use the SnapHire system well.

The quality of the reference checks are high and if you set up clear expectations and are kind to Aotal, they will be kind back – great work ethic and they are helpful."

Senior HR Advisor