Employrite’s app allows SnapHire users to select candidate background checks directly off the SnapHire work bench.
A product or service with a prebuilt integration available to install through the SnapHire Marketplace.
A vendor who offers reputable HR products or services that we rate. This is not an integration.

Assisting you in hiring the right person and integrated seamlessly with SnapHire.

Employrite is New Zealand owned, with over 30 years experience. We have offices in New Zealand and Australia and our app is available to SnapHire users in both countries.

Employrite allows SnapHire users to select candidate background checks directly from SnapHire by submitting just the name, email address and mobile number of the candidate. That information is then transmitted to the Employrite screening platform, and our system then takes over.

Employrite manages the entire process and will provide the candidate with all the necessary tools linked to technology to complete the process with ease and speed enhancing the candidate experience.

Our app saves time for HR and Recruiters alike. It removes the need to consult any separate systems and saves time by Employrite managing the entire process from the outset.

The status of files can be viewed at any time, and all and reports are delivered back into SnapHire upon completion of the file with the necessary support documents and reports. We welcome you testing our service and will provide five checks at no charge.

Prior to integration we will need to discuss the package that best suits your needs, and so would recommend your contacting us to discuss.