SnapHire Connect

The SnapHire Community Job Site. Providing easy access to jobs across our SnapHire network.
A product or service with a prebuilt integration available to install through the SnapHire Marketplace.
A vendor who offers reputable HR products or services that we rate. This is not an integration.

The SnapHire Community Job Site.

Providing easy access to jobs across our SnapHire network.

SnapHire Connect is a job board initiative created with the intention of connecting SnapHire client employees negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic with job opportunities across our wider SnapHire client community that will be opened over the coming days, weeks and months.  

SnapHire Connect acts as a bridge between client organisations who need to hire in the current 'challenging' climate, and their counterparts in other companies with employees who have been either furloughed or laid off and are now having to seek new employment.  We hope this initiative provides an opportunity for employees, businesses and HR leaders to collaborate across the entire SnapHire network which comprises 250 New Zealand organisations ranging in size from 80 to 40,000 employees across all industries and sectors.

Why did we create SnapHire Connect

We wanted to leverage our prominent position in New Zealand's labour market and come up with an initiative that would help in some way.  We could see many of our clients, particularly those delivering essential services, experiencing significant spikes in recruitment activity and therefore needing to fill roles quickly in order to keep operations moving at this critical time, whilst sadly others have been severely impacted and unfortunately are now forced into making many of their previously valued team members redundant.  We felt SnapHire Connect, with its new searching technology (which we will also shortly be embedding into SnapHire), is exactly what could help to connect people to opportunities very quickly and very simply.  

For us, standing up this job board platform with absolutely no costs or charges associated with it is one way we can help, support and assist the wider community we are proud to serve.