LinkedIn Job Posting

LinkedIn Job Posting by Aotal allows you to post job ads to your company's LinkedIn page via Job Board Hub, directly from your SnapHire ATS.
A product or service with a prebuilt integration available to install through the SnapHire Marketplace.
A vendor who offers reputable HR products or services that we rate. This is not an integration.

By integrating with Job Board Hub, you will now be able to post job ads to LinkedIn as well as to other integrated job boards at the same time, from the same place.

Jobs posted using this app will use the Limited Listings integration provided by LinkedIn. These are free ads that are visible to candidates actively conducting a job search or viewing your company's LinkedIn Page.

LinkedIn doesn't currently provide integration with premium ads. This means that to associate a job posted via LinkedIn Job Posting to a paid slot on LinkedIn, you will need to access your LinkedIn account as usual.

LinkedIn will pick up and post jobs once every 12h. This time will be reduced to 8h by the end of 2021. This means that it can take up to 12 hours for your job or changes to be reflected on your Company's LinkedIn page

Post jobs to LinkedIn directly from your SnapHire ATS

LinkedIn Job Posting integrates with Job Board Hub which means that you can now post to multiple job boards directly from your SnapHire ATS.

Connect your Company's LinkedIn account

Connect your SnapHire ATS with your Company's LinkedIn by adding your LinkedIn's account number.