The world's first AI Smart Interviewer that helps you win the right talent, fast.
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With Sapia, you’ll make smarter, faster and fairer hiring decisions, with an experience that candidates love.

Through a 5-question online chat, Sapia’s Smart Interviewer finds your perfect matches and progresses them directly to a video interview for your hiring team to review. Just two stages for the candidate, and one touch for the hiring team, and you’ve found the right talent for the job.

Some of the most trusted global brands use Sapia to automate their volume hiring. It’s quick to get started, with options ranging from off-the-shelf to bespoke interview experiences.

Their story, in just 5 questions.

Here at Sapia, we believe there is potential in everyone. That’s why we assess stories, not CVs. Give every candidate a chance at success, with an empowering experience that elevates your brand. 

With Sapia, everyone is interviewed, everyone gets feedback, and everyone gets a fair go. 

  • 9/10 Candidate Happiness 
  • 80% Completion Rate 
  • 99% Positive Feedback Sentiment 
Never ghost a candidate again.

Every single person that meets our Smart Interviewer receives personalised insights and coaching tips to help them level up their skills. 98% of people love the feedback they receive. And it’s a simple way to show you care.

Our insights make candidates

  • 72% more confident
  • 82% more self aware
  • 77% likely to recommend (company) as an employer of choice
Make volume hiring unbelievably easy.

With our Smart Interviewer on your hiring team, you can have offers to the best candidates in hours, not days. Our platform scales to handle whatever volume you need. By automatically interviewing every candidate, you widen your talent pool while saving your hiring team hours of valuable time. 

Some of the outcomes we’ve helped our customers achieve:

  • 39 hours average time to offer 
  • 90% reduction in cost to hire
  • 10 day reduction in time to hire 
The Smartest Interviewer you’ll ever meet.

As soon as people start answering questions, our Ai discovers personality traits, behavioral competencies, and communication skills from their stories. They’re automatically shortlisted based on the qualities you need to be successful, in the role and in your organization. 

By hiring the right people, you can achieve outcomes like:

  • 50% reduction in bad turnover 
  • Increased offer rate by 2.5x

What you get with Sapia 

End to end hiring automation that candidates love 

Interview every single candidate without lifting a finger. Move from ad to offer in 24 hours or less and save your hiring team hours of valuable time. 

An empowering candidate experience that elevates your brand 

Stand out from the crowd with an interview experience that respects and values your candidates. What’s more, your end-to-end hiring experience is completely branded and the questions and language are adapted to your culture and values. 

An inclusive interview process that gives everyone a fair go

Because our Smart Interview is completely blind, you can be sure that only objective factors are in play. With our insights platform, we can help you set new goals for DEI, track them, and achieve a radically fair hiring process. 

In-depth insights profiles for every candidate 

From every chat interview comes detailed metrics and insights into every applicant’s personality, behavioral competencies, and communication skills. So you know who’s applying, who’s not, and why your role attracts who it does.  

Enterprise-grade security and compliance 

At Sapia, we understand that our customers and candidates often trust us with some of their most intimate data, and it’s our duty to protect this data. We are  ISO27001 certified,  SOC 2 Type 1 and GDPR compliant, and we continuously work to ensure that our products are secure and compliant with our customers’ requirements