PredictiveHire automates interviews so that EVERY applicant is interviewed in-depth and at scale for you – all by using a text chat so that you can get to the best talent 90% faster.
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Text-chat Interviews – 90% faster, 99% candidate satisfaction

PredictiveHire automates interviews so that EVERY applicant is interviewed in-depth and at scale for you – all by using a text chat so that you can get to the best talent 90% faster. 

Your FirstInterview experience will be branded and the interview questions adapted to align to your culture. PredictiveHire can have you up-and-running in hours. It is the perfect solution for bulk-hiring/high-volume recruiting and is typically used for frontline roles across Retail, Contact Centres, Sales and Graduate programs. 

Easy to interview everyone when Ai does it for you

Tap into a wider pool of talent and give everyone a fair and equal chance of success through a fast and easy chat.

Enhance candidate trust by:

  • Engaging candidates on platforms they use every day
  • Asking a few simple and relatable questions that everyone can understand
  • Removing the pressure with an untimed interview that can be done anywhere anytime
Make a difference to every candidate

Candidates crave feedback and growth. Drawing on smart personality science, every candidate receives personalised feedback and coaching.

Relatable. Explainable. Familiar.

  • No confronting videos, un-relatable games or lengthy quizzes
  • Completion rates of 90%+
  • Increases win rates for talent
  • Amplifies trust in your employer brand
Predictive intelligence to guide faster talent decisions

Get to the best talent faster without wasting time on CV and phone screening.

Every candidate is:

  • Interviewed in text chat
  • Assessed for values, traits, personality and more
  • Scored and ranked
  • Benchmarked against the market
Match to your most important traits and values

View candidate insight reports which show ‘fit’ to what matters the most for your organisation. Traits. Values. Communication skills.

Go long on performance

  • Candidates benchmarked to the best
  • Personality profiling
  • Data-driven follow on interview questions

Here are the key benefits you will enjoy:

Candidates are assessed, scored and ranked using Ai, dramatically reducing recruiter time and effort. 90% recruiter time savings, against standard recruiting processes.
An accessible, mobile-first familiar text experience that candidates enjoy with no confronting videos interviews or questionnaires. 99% candidate satisfaction and 90% completion rates.
Blind screening at its best using Ai with the same structured behavioural interview for every candidate. Gender/Ethnicity/Indigeneity mixes preserved through recruitment stages due to Ai objectively assessing performance/personality, not background.
Candidate responses are highly correlated to ‘personality traits’, using Ai history of thousands of candidates and millions of lines of text. Underlying data science accepted and published in international journals.
Technology that scales to fit, interviewing thousands of candidates in-depth and with intimacy.